Desk Sculptures (Set of 4)
Desk Sculptures (Set of 4)
Desk Sculptures (Set of 4)
Desk Sculptures (Set of 4)

Desk Sculptures (Set of 4)

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Desk Sculptures is a set of four small accessories for you to rearrange and reposition in your home or office. Use them for your weekday desk meditation or create an ever changing composition in your living room.

A source of continual inspiration composed of a circular stoneware paperweight, a triangular marble bookend, a wooden cone and a brass arc, display the items alone or set them up as a small collection of sculptures and materials.

They are beautiful, simple and functional.

  • Materials: Solid Oak, Brass, Terracotta & Tiger Skin Marble
  • Round paperweight Terracotta 20cm D x 10cm H
  • Triangular bookend Marble 12cm L x 2cm W x 20cm H 
  • Oak cone 7cm D x 16cm H
  • Arc Brass 20.6cm L x 3cm W x 10.3cm H

    Kristina Dam Studio is a Copenhagen-based practice that defines sculptural minimalism. Founded by architect and graphic designer Kristina Dam, every piece is made from strong materials ensuring longevity and durability. Every design is sophisticated and aesthetically beautiful, adding a unique and bold statement to the interior.

    Images courtesy of Kristina Dam Studio