About us

On September 2014, my young family and I moved from Vancouver, beautiful British Columbia, to cosmopolitan Dubai, UAE to start a new adventure in the desert.

As an interior stylist and student of interior design I was mesmerized by the local landscape of design and architecture. There is no shortage of amazing buildings and interiors in our city.

When it came to furnishing our home, however, the selection came up short. I found that modern furniture and homewares lacked variety, quality or affordability.

Then I discovered an online community of small business owners specializing in Scandinavian homewares and interiors. Each brand reflected minimalism and simplicity - a concept that is still new to Dubai. I was drawn to the story behind each brand, and the value it could bring to city life in the desert.

Most of all, the Scandinavian lifestyle reminded me of home - of simplicity, nature and going back to basics. 

And so Emaan Home was born.

From the very beginning I wanted to do something important with Emaan Home. In a place where many are blessed, it was a chance to give back and be a role model for social responsibility. 

With part of my roots in the Philippines it was natural to look there first. I got in touch with a local school and learnt about their feeding program, part of an initiative of the United Nation's Millennium Development Goals to improve the nutritional status of malnourished schoolchildren.

So I committed Emaan Home to sponsor one of these feeding programs. It is a fixed donation. But a portion of each purchase will also go towards the program. There are no added fees to our products, just our commitment to a worthy cause. And to you a purchase that you can feel good about. 

Emaan Home may just be starting out but we have set our sights high - to spread the philosophy of minimalism - to simplify life, distill precious moments and create beauty in personal spaces. 

Welcome home to the new luxury.

We hope you will stick around.