This week's reflections

This week's reflections

This week we launched a social media competition to thank *you*, our loyal customers, for choosing a piece of Emaan and incorporating peaceful minimalism in your home.

Let's face it, it's not easy to be quiet, calm or mindful in this day and age. There's no one more familiar with temptation, stress or noise than an entrepreneur funding and running their own business. So I've decided to show you this side of the machinery (if you can call it that). Not to gain sympathy but to show you the human side of Emaan Home. Perhaps you can relate. Maybe you will feel less alone in your journey. Hopefully, it will inspire you to try new ways to cultivate peace and mindfulness in your life. 

These are 3 things that I'm grateful for this week:

1) Mild summer weather


Beautiful day at Dubai Hills, Emaan Home


So summer is coming. Everyone's enjoyed a nice long winter. We've had beautiful days watching the boys play football while enjoying barbecues in the company of family and close friends. But now May is here and it's definitely warmed up. The hottest part of the day is usually the same time I take a break from Emaan Home to do the school run. And this week, on at least twice the occasion, the heat wasn't so bad. There was a even a slight breeze (thank you God!).

This might not seem like a big deal to some, but for modestly-dressed women like myself in a desert climate that reaches the mid-40's, it's lovely. We can be mindful of it, acknowledge it and let it be a source of joy.


2) A collaboration with Dubai Tourism

A few weeks back I was contacted by Dubai Tourism to ask if Emaan Home would like to participate in the upcoming Dubai Home Festival. Seeing as we had a new collection and website coming, and it was also Emaan Home's birthday this month, it was perfect opportunity to launch a giveaway for you. As a small independent business, this kind of initiative and support by Dubai Tourism and the Dubai Home Festival gives us further credibility and reach, and for that am very grateful.

The festival also led to this article by RetailME, and I'd like to thank Kate and Nina of Dubai Tourism, Olivia of House of Comms and Rupkatha of Images RetailME for their support. The picture below was taken by Rupkatha during our Market Outside the Box pop-up earlier this year.


Credit: ImagesRetailME Rupkatha Bhowmick


3) The Avengers Endgame

I live in a house with 3 males. They planned and pre-booked their tickets to watch Endgame long before I care to know. The movie was 3 hours long. We stopped drinking fluids an hour before the start just so no one would have to use the bathroom. 

I don't like violent movies but for some reason I've been vested in the characters of the MCU. I think it's because of the amazing story-telling. Everytime I enter a theatre, whatever the genre of the movie, my mindset is of a student of story-telling. I think this is a result of being an entrepreneur for some time now, and it's not as easy to switch-off from work. We are constantly collecting inspiration. But this kind of work is fun because who doesn't love a good story. 

With Endgame, it was so good that I forgot to notice the elements of story-creating and became fully-immersed in the story itself. Perhaps this is only relatable if you're a wife or a mom of boys - I don't think I would ever have watched the movie if I was still single. So the fact that this movie was so immersive that it made me forget about Emaan Home and fully enjoy this time with my boys, I am 100% grateful.


So these are the 3 things I'm grateful for this week. Next week is Ramadan and I'm anticipating a much longer list inshaAllah. What are you grateful for this week? Is there something you did that could help others find joy in their day? I would love to know.




May 03, 2019

Dear Hena,
Thank you for your kind words! It’s really lovely to have you here. Wishing you the same and more on your motherhood journey. xx

Admin, Emaan Home
May 03, 2019

So happy to read your wonderful writing here . Happy birthday Emaan home, wishing you all the success and more power to you:)

Hena jacob

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