Introducing Lifestyle 2019 - It's Quiet Simple

Introducing Lifestyle 2019 - It's Quiet Simple

Here’s what we believe:

Material things cannot give you spiritual peace.

But it can create an environment that nurtures it.

Every item you bring into your home either preserves your inner peace or disturbs it. From the art you put on your walls to the patterns on your pillows to the accessories you choose to tell your story - each has a subtle effect on your well-being.

Lifestyle 2019 was curated to empower you with the tools to navigate this. It’s an intimate collection of minimalist homewares in our signature quiet style that will preserve the tranquility of your home in a gentle, conscious way.

Lifestyle 2019 has been divided into 3 distinct experiences - Silent Luxury, Earth Song, and Grounded Peace.


Silent LuxurySilent Luxury (From Left: Terrazzo Wall ClockSquare Marble Candlesticks)


Silent Luxury combines modern materials like marble, steel and terrazzo in timeless, minimalist designs to gently bring luxury to your home.

Earth Song is inspired by a melodious phenomenon observed in the desert called whistling sand (or singing sand). This is the sound created by wind as it passes over sand dunes. This collection is named after this human-like quality of the desert, and is a remembrance of God's hand in nature.

Grounded Peace brings together pieces with heavy and raw textures to anchor your home with calm.


Emaan Home Desert SongEarth Song is inspired by the divine quality of nature - as witnessed when wind and sand create melody and bring life to the desert.


Each experience helps you to mix and match pieces confidently within each group while also giving you the freedom to combine items across experiences. The idea is to help you nurture distinct personal experiences within your home in a beautiful, authentic way. 


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