Emotional detachment invites inner peace

Emotional detachment invites inner peace

Earlier this week I came across a social media post regarding emotional detachment. It was written by a beauty influencer and addresses 2 forms of detachment. The first questions the knee-jerk reaction to other people's words and actions. How do you prevent their negative talk or behavior from stirring up anger or sadness within you?

I find this particularly important in the month of Ramadan where part of fasting means fasting from negative emotions. 

The second point is even more beautiful as it talks about meditation and how practicing detachment helps you to stay focused in your practice. For believers, this helps in maintaining concentration during prayer.

Ultimately, in both cases, this strategy helps you to maintain a sense of inner peace.

The full post is below.


Detachment continued

Do you believe in the power of detachment? Could detachment help you in your everyday life? Please let me know in the comments below.

The original post was shared by Raz Ya, @raziliicious on Instagram

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